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breast reduction

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery, or reduction mammoplasty, is a procedure which, as the name implies, reduces the size of breast. While many yearn to have bigger breasts, some women are actually blessed with too much of it, as their breasts grow not in proportion to their body. Oversized breasts can caused a plethora of issues for women, ranging from shoulder and neck pain to chronic back pain and a myriad of psychological problems (because being teased incessantly about oversized breasts can affect self-esteem and confidence).

In fact, Romanian tennis superstar Simona Halep actually credited a breast reduction surgery behind her success in the sport. According to Halep, her natural 34DD breast affected her movement and reaction time.

The procedure entails removing glandular tissues and excess breast fat from the breast without affecting the location of the nipple and areola region. In addition, the removal must be spread evenly to maintain the optimal shape of the breast.

A successful surgery will allow patients to live normally once again without any feeling of discomfort or pain. As a bonus, shopping for clothes will become so much easier!

Post-Surgery Care

Although breast reduction surgery can take up to four hours, the trauma is quite minimal and most patients can be discharged after one day. Because of the limited amount of nerve endings inside human fat, patients will feel very little pain during recovery, which usually takes about three weeks. However, to ensure the healing process of the incisions and internal soft tissues remain uninterrupted, patients are advised to use a sports bra during the recovery period. Strenuous physical labour should also be avoided during this time.


Patients rarely report any adverse reaction to the procedure, and less than 1% of patients have experienced any issues related to infection and bleeding. Physical exertions during the convalescing period though may cause some internal bleeding, which may prolong the recovery period.