Medical Simulation Centre


A sophisticated, life-size dummy which breathes, blinks, moves and talks is the centrepiece of the Medical Simulation Centre, a state-of the-art training facility for doctors and other healthcare professionals. The Medical Simulation Centre, reproduces as closely as possible the actual experience of treating a patient for healthcare professionals.

The simulation centre can be transformed into a ward, maternity unit, A&E or ITU environment – with adjoining control and debriefing rooms. It is one of only four simulation centres in the country which can be used to train doctors, medical students, nurses, midwives, dentists, other theatre staff and paramedics.

Using high technology and a one-way mirrored control room, as well as a radio link with the instructor, the dummy can be programmed to simulate different medical conditions. It then replicates the appropriate physical response to particular interventions and drugs. Real monitors display the ’patient‘s’ vital signs to the people being trained so they can assess the patient’s progress – as they would in a real-life situation.

Audiovisual equipment is available so that video recordings of training scenarios can be played back for teaching purposes.

The simulator provides the closest situation to the real thing without any risk to patients, so that doctors, medical students and others can rehearse both routine and less common, life-threatening, events.

The centre, which is part of the Medical and Dental Education Department runs multiprofessional courses, training midwives, surgeons and anaesthetists together, as advocated by the Department of Health.