Our specialties



The Anaesthetics service is responsible for the provision of anaesthesia, pain relief, theatre management and critical care. Anaesthetists are responsible for anaesthesia in operating theatres and the general care of patients and pain relief before, during and after operations.

The service is also closely involved in all aspects of resuscitation of very ill and severely injured patients. In addition, the department also provides cover 24-hours a day for intensive therapy and pain relief during labour for the Obstetric Department.

Day surgery

The Day Surgery Unit is based at Barts in modern and well-equipped facilities. It caters for a wide range of surgical specialities.


Day surgery reception

tel 020 7601 8088 / 8089 / 8388


Intensive Care

A comprehensive range of intensive care services are provided. Specialist doctors, nurses and allied health professionals provide a high standard of intensive care monitoring and treatment. They have access to complex investigations, sophisticated imaging techniques and specialists from all disciplines.

A ‘Patient at Risk Team’ has been established to help identify patients on general wards who are at risk of becoming critically ill and to promote prophylactic interventions.

The unit at The London Chest is predominantly a post-cardiac surgery unit and is staffed by specialists in this discipline who also have particular expertise in managing patients with chronic respiratory failure.

The intensive care service is offered to patients with potentially recoverable conditions, when it is thought that they can benefit from more intensive observation and treatment than is available elsewhere in the hospital.


Obstetric Anaesthesia and Analgesia Service

A 24-hour labour analgesia service and anaesthesia for obstetric emergencies, is provided. There is a weekly joint obstetric and anaesthetic High-risk Antenatal Clinic where all medical high-risk pregnant women should be referred. There is also a consultant-led antenatal class on “Analgesia in Labour” every two months and a weekly clinic to refer any women with postnatal anaesthetic problems.


Operating theatres

There are operating theatres at all three hospitals. An emergency and non-emergency facility is provided for all specialities.

The London Chest is dedicated to cardiothoracic surgery, while the other hospitals in the Trust offer a multi-specialty service with the provision of 24-hour post-operative recovery. Members of the Anaesthetic Department also work in the satellite theatre in the Dental Hospital.


Pain clinic

The Pain Clinic is held at Barts by a dedicated multidisciplinary team. Any patient with uncontrolled pain may be referred to the clinic. This includes back pain and other musculo-skeletal disorders, neuropathic pain, post traumatic pain syndromes, ischaemic pain and cancer pain. The clinic offers a number of treatments, including acupuncture, transcutaneous nerve stimulation, physiotherapy and counselling.