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Work experience placements for school students (years 10-13)

Barts and The London offers work experience opportunities to school students who are undertaking a school work experience programme. Placements are available in a variety of areas, and are negotiated directly between the student and the placement itself, with conformation from the school that the placement is part of their official work experience programme.

Who can apply?

School students in years 10–13 who are undertaking a placement as part of their schools work experience programme. Students must be at least 16 yrs of age in order to be accepted into a clinical placement.

Additional information

Barts and The London receives a large amount of requests for these opportunities and will not be able to accommodate them all. Students are advised to consider carefully what their area of interest is and formulate their personal statement of application accordingly. If a student does not receive a response from a prospective sponsor within two weeks of their initial request for a placement, they should assume that there is no availability in that area.

Students will need to undertake pre-screening. Placement length will vary according to the placement area, but will not exceed teo weeks.

How do I apply? 

Further details of work experience placements for school students can be found in the


Placement sponsor list