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Tomorrow's doctors and nurses

The Trust’s input to the clinical education of doctors, dentists, nurses, midwives and other healthcare professionals starts while they are still training. We work closely with the following schools:"

Working closely with Barts and The London Queen Mary’s School of Medicine and Dentistry, the Trust provides high quality clinical placements to undergraduate medical and dental students. Our Medical and Dental Education Department co-ordinates these placements and facilitates the continuing training, development and appraisal of qualified doctors and dentists.

The Trust has been innovative in the provision of special/selected study modules (SSMs) for medical and dental students, a key element of the 1999 MBBS curriculum. These modules give students an element of choice in their education, and the chance to cover topics not included in the core curriculum. At Barts and The London, students can choose from a vast array of clinical SSMs: some run as apprenticeships, or, where larger numbers are involved, as courses. Many SSMs give students the opportunity to work within multi-disciplinary teams with input from staff working in professions allied to medicine such as speech therapy, physiotherapy, dietetics, audiology and pharmacy.

In 2003, a ‘Point of View Survey’ of trainee doctors, conducted by the London Deanery, revealed high satisfaction levels among doctors in training at the Trust:

  • The proportion of Trust trainee doctors who had a useful appraisal was the highest of any general hospital.
  • Overall satisfaction of trainees in medicine was the highest of any general hospital.
  • Overall satisfaction of trainees in pathology was the highest in the survey.
  • Trainees in paediatrics gave the highest ratings of any other hospital for overall satisfaction ratings with their post.
  • Specialist registrars’ rating of their overall satisfaction with their post was the highest of any non-specialist hospital in the survey.

Medical Simulation Centre

The Medical Simulation Centre, which uses a life-size mannequin to reproduce as closely as possible the treatment of a real patient in an acute care setting, continues to provide training for large numbers of students and clinical staff. For more information visit the Medical Simulation website

Educating and developing nurses and midwives

The Trust enjoys a close partnership with City University, St Bartholomew School of Nursing and Midwifery, arranging clinical placements in our hospitals for an ever-increasing number of student nurses and midwives studying at the university.

To strengthen our ability to provide support for these students and their mentors, the Trust appointed a second practice experience facilitator in 2003. The Trust also supports healthcare support workers in undertaking nurse training. Once qualified, many take up staff nurse vacancies within the Trust. More information vist the Opportunties for nurses midwives section on this website