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Our services

At Mile End Hospital, the rheumatology outpatient department runs daily clinics for general rheumatology problems. In Newham our outpatient clinic runs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. In addition, our specialist clinics at Mile End include:

  • Early arthritis clinic
  • Injection treatment clinic
  • Connective tissue disease and vasculitis clinic
  • Sjogren’s clinic
  • Bone clinic
  • Healthy bone clinic for breast cancer patients
  • Rheumatic clinic for cystic fibrosis patients
  • Rheumatic clinic for haemophiliacs
  • Sports and exercise medicine clinic*
  • Electrodiagnosis clinic
  • Adolescent rheumatology clinic
  • Rheumatology/pregnancy clinic
  • High risk antenatal clinic
  • Chronic pain clinic in association with pain services
  • Immunotherapy clinic
  • Anti-TNF clinic
  • Methotrexate monitoring clinic
  • Supervision clinic
  • Exercise Induced Leg Pain clinic

*To find out more about this service, please visit our dedicated website for Barts and The London Centre for Sports and Exercise Medicine.


We provide electrodiagnosis (EMG), for disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, and acupuncture for non-inflammatory conditions.

We are one of the few centres of excellence in the United Kingdom that provide a range of investigations and treatments for exercise induced leg pain. We have a sophisticated online dynamic intra-compartment pressure measuring system to investigate for Chronic Compartment Syndrome, a system that is capable of measuring 4 compartments at the same time.

For patients with chronic pain, a multidisciplinary service is offered at Barts Hospital with input from rheumatologists, anaesthetists and allied health professionals, including psychology services.