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Staying in hospital

All patients treated with plastic surgery conditions stay on either Henry Butlin or Bedford Fenwick wards at St Bartholomew's Hospital, close to St Paul’s Cathedral in the City of London. Our patients with traumatic injuries are treated on our dedicated trauma ward at the Royal London Hospital.

Visit to clinic

If you have a pre-booked appointment for surgery, you will be asked to attend a preadmission clinic a few weeks beforehand. This is so that you can be seen by a nurse and a doctor prior to your admission and they will ensure that you are fit for your procedure.

If you have any underlying medical conditions, we can ensure that these are reviewed before your admission to hospital. By attending the preadmission clinic, you will be able to come into hospital for your operation on the day of your surgery, thereby reducing the length of your stay in hospital.

At your appointment, which will last around three hours in total, you will have an opportunity to ask questions and find out more about your procedure. The sister will discuss with you any previous medical and surgical history you may have had and will record your height, weight, blood pressure and pulse. Additional tests such as blood tests and x-rays may also be required. A doctor will also see you at this appointment to listen to your chest and ask you to sign the consent form for the surgery. We ask all our patients to attend the preadmission clinic.

Coming into hospital

You may be asked to attend the hospital on the day of your operation or the evening before. This will be explained to you at your preadmission appointment. On admission you will be greeted by a nurse or receptionist and shown around.

Your team of doctors will come and see you every day at approximately 9:00am. The nurse looking after you and/or the nurse in charge will also be there and your ongoing care will be planned. This will be discussed with you, but if you have any further questions, the ward manager will be available.

Our wards

Tilly Gascoyne and Mandy Han, ward sisters

If you are staying with us in hospital, you will stay on either Henry Butlin or Bedford Fenwick wards at St Bartholomew's Hospital.

The nursing care on the wards and in the department is led by a senior nurse manager and a team of experienced registered nurses. Healthcare assistants and ancillary staff are trained to a high level to assist with care.

Both Bedford Fenwick and Henry Butlin wards are managed by Sister Teresa Gascoyne and Sister Mandy Han (pictured) and our Modern Matron is Claire Williamson.

We are able to accommodate both male and female patients undergoing all types of elective surgery from skin grafting to more complex reconstructive surgery.

Our aim is to ensure your stay is as comfortable as possible and we strive to offer the highest quality care for you whilst you are in hospital.

As part of our care we ensure that:

  • Information is readily available to both patients and family
  • We are able to provide an interpreter/translator service
  • You are treated with respect and dignity at all times and that your privacy is always respected
  • The nursing care you receive is of the highest standard and is planned to ensure that each patient receives personalised care
  • You are regularly updated on your clinical progress and given clear explanations on your ongoing treatment so that you are able to make informed decisions on your treatment
  • You will be able discuss with the senior nurses any concerns you or your family have
  • We have specialist nurses visiting the wards who are experts in their particular fields
  • You are able to receive a visit from a member of the clergy of any religious denomination if you wish.

Our aim is best quality, best practice and best outcomes.

You can contact the Bedford Fenwick and Henry Butlin wards on tel: 020 7601 7070 or 7071.