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Our services

Our specialist teams have expertise in treating plastic surgical conditions in children and adults. Our specialty areas include:

  • Skin cancer - we treat patients with melanoma and other high risk skin cancers.
  • Plastic surgery for children and young people – we provide general plastic surgery, including ear reconstruction.
  • Hand surgery - we treat all types of hand injury from routine to the most complex, specialising in microsurgery to rejoin nerves and vessels to reattach fingers and hands.
  • Microvascular surgery - we use microsurgery to repair and rejoin small vessels to treat different injuries or conditions, for head/neck and breast reconstruction following the removal of cancers.
  • Scar revision surgery - we run a specialist clinic to treat keloid scars (the first of its kind in the UK), which are the result of skin tumour care.
  • Hypertrophic burn scarring - we provide state-of-the-art resurfacing surgery for scars caused by burns.
  • Aesthetic surgery - we will undertake surgery to enhance appearance where it is determined that it will benefit the individual, clinically and psychologically.
  • Breast reconstruction - we provide a range of options for women requiring breast reconstruction following surgery for cancer.

Working with local healthcare partners

In addition to our own services, we work very closely with local Primary Care Trusts to ensure that our patients receive continued and co-ordinated care before, during and after their stay at hospital.

In particular, Tower Hamlets Primary Care Trust manages the North East London Wound Healing Centre, for patients requiring wound care, and the Tissue Viabilty Service.