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Therapy services

Therapy services incorporates audiology, foothealth, nutrition and dietetics, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech and language therapy services. It is part of the Directorate of Nursing and Quality.


Audiology is the science of hearing. The audiology service has two main functions:

  • Diagnosis - various tests to establish the extent, site and cause of hearing  and balance problems.
  • Rehabillitation - practical support and on-going assistance to people with hearing loss, balance difficulties or associated problems such as tinnitus.

The service is managed by Tower Hamlets Primary Care Trust and operates at The Royal London and Barts.



Podiatry services are provided by Tower Hamlets Primary Care Trust and City and Hackney Primary Care Trust. Regular podiatry sessions are held at both The Royal London and Barts hospitals.


Nutrition and dietetics

The department provides nutrition and dietetic support to patients at the Trust, in other local hospitals and to residents of the local community.

Dieticians advise individuals and groups on how to make dietary changes, usually required as a result of a medical condition such as diabetes. They also advise and teach other colleagues and health care professionals about aspects of diet, and promote healthy eating.


Occupational therapy

Occupational therapists work with people of every age group to enhance their level of independent functioning in the areas of self-care, productivity and leisure and consequently they help them to fulfil their potential for living independently in the community. Occupational therapists provide assessment and treatment of physical, psychosocial and cognitive dysfunctions to enable patients to maximise their functional abilities and quality of life in their own environments (home and place of work / school). Their work also incorporates provision of specialist equipment and adaptations to the home, wheelchairs and special seating, splinting and orthotics; community integration and resettlement.

The service is managed by Tower Hamlets Primary Care Trust.

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Physiotherapists have an important role to play in the care of people of all ages who have lost movement or ability following an accident or illness. Using their special skills in exercise, movement, electrotherapy and manual techniques such as manipulation and mobilisation, they help patients resume as active and independent a life as possible.

The service is managed by Tower Hamlets Primary Care Trust and operates at The Royal London, Barts and The London Chest hospitals.


Speech and language therapy

The speech and language therapy service provides diagnostic and therapeutic input to adults with communication and/or swallowing impairment (eg due to CVA, laryngeal pathology, head injury, following head and neck surgery, cancer, dysfluency, progressive neurological disease).

The service also provides a limited specialist service to babies and children who have swallowing/feeding problems or cleft lip and palate.