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The Haven Whitehchapel  

Haven for victims of sexual assault - Whitechapel

A new Sexual Assault Referral Centre - The Haven - Whitechapel opened in July 2004, marking a major step forward in the care of victims of sexual assault and the way such offences are investigated.

The purpose-built facility includes examination rooms, shower facilities, counselling rooms and consulting rooms and will compliment existing centres in Paddington and Camberwell which between them offer medical care, practical and emotional support for victims of sexual assault across London.

The centre - which can be contacted on 020 7247 4787 - offers a confidential service with a dedicated team of specially trained NHS doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals including counsellers and psychologists. It offers forensic examinations and full aftercare services for women, children and men.

People can use the Haven’s services whether or not they are planning to report an assault to police. People who report a sexual assault directly to police will be taken to a Haven by an officer from Project Sapphire. People are also welcome to refer themselves to the Haven without police involvement. They can also be referred to the Haven by other professionals.

Trained medical staff will gather forensic evidence and store DNA samples to allow crucial evidence to be used in court at a later date if a victim decides to pursue this course of action. This evidence will only be passed on to police with a victim’s permission. Anonymous reporting allows police to use DNA for intelligence purposes.

The Haven, The Royal London Hospital
London E1

Telephone 020 7247 4787 at any time


The Haven is a partnership between Barts and The London NHS Trust and the Metropolitan Police sees the opening of a sexual assault referral centre for East London