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Retinoblastoma service

Retinoblastoma is a rare form of cancer that affects infants and young children. Barts and The London is a designated centre for the treatment and genetic screening of this condition. We are one of only two centres in the country, and the only centre in the south of England to screen for, diagnose and treat retinoblastoma.  

Red reflex abnormal
Red reflex abnormal

Retinoblastoma is usually detected by parents who notice an unusual colour in their child’s eye(s) when photographs are taken. This photograph shows an abnormal red reflex in a child's eye, which may indicate a problem. 

If your GP suspects that your child may have retinoblastoma they will make an urgent referral to the hospital to see one of our specialists.

The team
Our clinical team is comprised of the following specialists:

Mr John Hungerford, Consultant Ophthalmologist
Mr M Ashwin Reddy, Consultant Ophthalmologist
Dr Judith Kingston, Consultant Oncologist
Dr Elizabeth Rosser, Consultant Geneticist
Dr Irene Scheimberg, Consultant Pathologist
Dr Nick Plowman, Consultant Radiation Oncologist
Vivienne Crowe, Clinical Nurse Specialist
Matthew Price, Highly Specialised Orthoptist
Caroline Jenkins, Play Specialist

We also have a team of specialists who work in our Retinoblastoma Genetic Screening Unit. This team is headed up by Dr Zerrin Onadim, clinical scientist in molecular genetics and provides a supra-regional genetics service for retinoblastoma patients and their relatives, performing molecular genetic tests for predisposition to retinoblastoma.

Early detection
The earliest method of detection is by red reflex assessment. To assist GPs and health visitors with this assessment we, along with The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust (see below), have developed the attached guide. This will help to facilitate the transfer of patients directly into a paediatric ophthalmology clinic more>>

Screening for relatives
We also have available a protocol for opthalmologists to screen the relatives of children with retinoblastoma who have not had genetic screening. Who is at risk of developing retinoblastoma? more>>

Download the protocol for screening relatives.

The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust – support for patients and their families
We have close links with The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust (CHECT) who have staff based at our hospital. They can provide a support network and information for families who would like to know more about this rare condition. See www.chect.org.uk.

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