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Diabetes and Metabolism

The Diabetes and Metabolism service treats patients with a variety of metabolic diseases, including lipid disorders, obesity, calcium and bone disease, electrolyte and acid-base disorders and a variety of inherited metabolic diseases.

Patients benefit from a comprehensive service, which includes nurse specialists, dieticians, chiropody and footwear as well as appointments with specialist consultants.

Services include:

  • Patient diabetic assessment.
  • Immediate telephone advice and outpatient visits for difficult diabetic related problems.
  • Special diabetes/nephrology, cystic fibrosis related diabetes, young adult, adolescent and paediatric clinics.
  • Specialist medical and nursing skills for people in the community with specific diabetes management problems.
  • Education programme for newly diagnosed diabetics.
  • Specialist eye screening clinic.
  • Management of gestational diabetes.
  • Diabetes foot service.
  • Lipid clinics.
  • Obesity clinics.
  • Inherited metabolic disease assessment and treatment.



General enquiries

Diabetes Care Centre, Mile End Hospital 

tel 020 8223 8836

Chiropody, Mile End Hospital

tel 020 8223 8849

General Enquiries, Barts

tel 020 7601 7447