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Clinical Physics  

Clinical Physics is a supportive service, which covers all aspects of clinical radiation physics, clinical equipment management and clinical engineering.

The service is run in strict accordance with statutory requirements and the standards set by professional healthcare bodies.

  • Radiation dosimetry and quality assurance in radiotherapy, diagnostic imaging.
  • Radiation dose calculations for patient treatments.
  • Performance checks on radiation therapy, radionuclide and diagnostic radiology equipment.
  • Ionising radiation protection of staff, patients and members of the public.
  • Equipment management including commissioning and acceptance testing of bio-medical, radiation therapy and imaging equipment.
  • Quality control of imaging equipment i.e. CT, NMR.
  • Mechanical engineering support of surgical instruments.
  • Non ionising radiation protection (ie lasers and ultrasound) of staff, patients and members of the public.
  • Micro vascular and vascular clinical investigations.
  • Research and development in physiological measurement, radiation therapy and dosimetry.
  • Scientific and technological teaching to all categories of hospital staff and post-graduate students.

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Clinical Physics

tel 020 7377 7000 ext 2207

Radiation safety and nuclear medicine

tel 020 7601 8290

Radiotherapy Physics

tel 020 7601 8356

Clinical Engineering

tel 020 7377 7106 RLH

tel 020 7601 8166 SBH

tel 020 8983 2430 LCH

Clinical Microvascular and Vascular

tel 020 7601 8499