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New hospitals taking shape  
July 2007: the core shafts - the inner core of the new buildings - for the new hospital at The Royal London are now visible on the east London skyline and are expected to reach their full height by autumn 2007

Progress on Barts and The London's £1 billion new hospitals programme has been dramatic since work got underway in earnest in May 2006, both at The Royal London in Whitechapel and at Barts in the City of London.

The new Royal London Hospital is already beginning to transform the cityscape of east London, with the core shafts for its new buildings now at full height. 

Measuring nearly 90 metres high and 150 m2, the shafts – which are also known in the construction industry as slip-forms – will house the passenger, patient and goods lifts, stairways and associated lobbies, providing the inner core for the new buildings.  The rest of the structure is now being built around them, floor by floor.

The shorter slip-form started its upward journey in early June, rising nearly 2.5 metres a day, and reached its full height of 10 storeys in July 2007.  The two taller, 17-storey shafts were completed in mid September in time for the 250th anniversary of The Royal London moving to Whitechapel.  

At Barts, the upward construction of a purpose-built Cancer and Cardiac Centre of Excellence is also underway following the demolition of pre-existing buildings and the completion of piling work. 

Once complete, the redevelopment will create world-class new healthcare facilities for the people of east London, the City and beyond, transforming both The Royal London and Barts which, together with The London Chest Hospital, have provided medical care for hundreds of years.

The entire redevelopment of both hospitals is expected to be completed in 2015.  The new Cancer Centre at Barts is due to be ready in 2010 and most new facilities at The Royal London should be operational early in 2012.