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Teaching and research  

Will I come into contact with students?

It’s possible that you will come into contact with students, as all our hospitals are involved in teaching students. Often, you will see student doctors, nurses and other trainee clinical staff in the clinic/department.

They may help with giving you direct care or examinations (under supervision) and you might be asked to discuss your condition with students. You have the right to refuse to be seen or treated by students – refusal will not affect the rest of your care.

Will I be asked to take part in research?

Our staff are involved in a variety of research projects and at some stage in your treatment you may be asked to be involved with one of these projects. Any research you are asked to take part in will be relevant to your care. Your consent to be part of a research project will be asked for separately to all other aspects of your treatment. You have the right to refuse to be involved in any research – refusal will not affect the rest of your care.

Will any samples or specimens be taken from me?

Sometimes samples or specimens are taken from you during your treatment to help us understand your condition or plan your treatment. If you are not happy for these samples or specimens to be used for research purposes, then please make this clear to a doctor or nurse who is involved in your care. To find out more, please ask a member of staff for a copy of the Tissue Use information leaflet.