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Principles for care  

Caring for our patients - our commitment to you

You matter to us and building a good relationship with you and those close to you is the cornerstone of everything we do. We understand that your health care does not begin when you come to our hospital and end when you go home. By working together as one team we will ensure you experience the highest standards of care.

Ensuring you feel that you are in safe hands

  • All our staff are here to care for you
  • We will ensure that you are safe and feel secure
  • You will know who is responsible for your care
  • Our staff will have the right knowledge and skills to care for you

Involving you in your care

  • We will work with you, the people close to you and others involved in your care to enable you to get the continuing personal care you need when and where you need it
  • We will provide you with accurate and timely information
  • We will help you to plan your care and understand the treatments available to you
  • We will work to promote under standing between all those involved in your care so that you experience a seamless service

Talking with you about the care you need

  • We will do our best to find out what is important to you and will respect your beliefs, personal values, choices and preferences
  • We will be honest and open with you. If we make a mistake, we will do what we can to remedy it. We will apologise and take action to prevent it from happening again

Showing you how much we care

  • We will work in a way that preserves your dignity and privacy
  • You will not experience negative attitudes or inappropriate behaviour from us
  • We will strive to develop and improve the care we provide

Working with you to provide the best care

  • We will do our best to ensure your environment is clean and tidy
  • We will involve you in planning how we deliver and improve our services
  • We want you to share with us feedback you have on your experiences of care in our hospitals