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Our pledge to Patients, Visitors and Colleagues

A key element of the Smarten Up campaign is Our Pledge to Patients, Visitors and Colleagues which provides a framework of three sets of interlinking guidelines defining expectations and acceptable behaviours based on principles of mutual respect and partnership. The guidelines cover the standards of behaviour we expect our staff to show towards patients and visitors, how we expect staff to behave towards each other and the behaviour we expect from patients and visitors within our hospitals.

Our Pledge to Patients, Visitors and Colleagues is designed to ensure that all patients and visitors to our hospitals are welcomed and supported, treated with respect and involved as partners in their care, that staff will provide them with the information they need and protect their comfort, privacy and dignity, as well as doing their best to sort out any problems that arise. By working together to put patients at the heart of everything we do we will be able to deliver true excellence in care.

Our pledge to patients and visitors

As a patient or visitor you have a right to expect the following standards in your treatment and care:

What you should expect from us

  • To be WELCOMED by us when you enter a ward or clinical area and given priority over other routine tasks.
  • To be able to IDENTIFY who we areby name and role as well as clearly see our ID badges so you know who to ask for help.
  • For us to LISTEN to your individual needs and respond promptly so that you have the information you need about your care and treatment.
  • To be INVOLVED in making decisions about your care and treatment by having full and clear information available to you as well as opportunities to talk it through.
  • To be given help to SOLVE any problems or complaints you may have. We will explain and apologise if you experience any delays.
  • For your comfort, privacy and dignity to be RESPECTED throughout your care and treatment. We will also not discussindividual patients within the hearing of other patients or their families.

Our pledge to colleagues

The high standards of behaviour that we expect of each other reflects our commitment to the people we care for.

What we expect of our Trust colleagues

To take responsibility for acting PROFESSIONALLY with colleagues.

To treat colleagues with RESPECT taking account of cultural and social differences.

  • To COMMUNICATE in English with colleagues in the work environment.
  • To be punctual and RELIABLE at work.
  • To communicate with others HONESTLY with a care for their feelings.
  • To work as part of a team by
    CO-OPERATING with colleagues.
  • To have a POSITIVE attitude and avoid criticising or discussing other staff members or departments in public.
  • To actively seek SOLUTIONS to problems.
  • To ENCOURAGE colleagues to develop ideas and give credit for ideas and jobs well done.
  • To help in the COACHING, learning and development of colleagues.
  • To make decisions and be ACCOUNTABLE for the outcome.
  • To VALUE the policies and procedures of the Trust.

Your pledge to us

We want to work in partnership with you in your care and treatment. Please help us to do this by considering the following:

What we expect of you

  • To ensure you, your family, and visitors RESPECT our policies involving your care and conduct whilst in hospital.
  • To become a full PARTNER in your care by providing us with a complete and accurate medical history.
  • To follow the ADVICE and treatment we offer you.
  • To take any MEDICINE that is prescribed and finish the course of treatment.
  • To be ON TIME for appointments. If you have to cancel, tell us as soon as possible so we can give the appointment to someone else.
  • To behave POLITELY and treat us with respect. Violence, swearing or any other kind of racial, sexual or verbal abuse is completely unacceptable to us.
  • To INFORM us of any change to your personal contact details.
  • To give us FEEDBACK  – this will help us to improve our services to you.
  • To ensure that your BEHAVIOUR does not make our environments unsuitable for others.
  • To NOT SMOKE or carry/take illegal drugs on hospital premises or grounds.

A leaflet outlining Our Pledge for Patients, Visitors and Colleagues is available for all patients and visitors in wards, clinics and other clinical reception areas as well as through the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS).