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On arrival at hospital...  

Please report to the Admissions Office on your arrival.

The Royal London Hospital Admissions Office
Location In the Front Building, near the main entrance of The Royal London Hospital
Telephone 020 7377 7136 or 7137
Open Monday to Friday, 7.30am-5pm, and Sundays, 9am-4pm. If you are admitted on a Saturday, please follow the instructions in your admission letter.

St Bartholomew’s Hospital Admissions Office
Location Ground floor, Outpatients Wing
Telephone 020 7601 7401 or 7371 or 7372 or 7369 or 8018
Open Monday to Friday, 8am-4pm. If you are admitted on a Saturdays or Sundays, please follow the instructions in your admission letter.

The London Chest Hospital Admissions Office
Location Ground floor of the main building, near the main entrance, The London Chest Hospital
Telephone 020 8983 2415 or 2416
Open Monday to Friday, 8.30am-5pm.

Your personal details will be checked against our computer records. You will then be given directions to your ward, and a porter will be available to assist, if necessary. Wards are signposted throughout the hospital, but if you get lost or need help, please ask a member of staff for directions.

When you arrive on the ward
The ward staff will welcome you, and talk you through the range of facilities available.

What ward staff will need to know
The ward staff will need you to confirm your name and address (including the full postcode), your ethnic origin and GP’s contact details. It’s also standard procedure to ask for the name and contact telephone number of a close relative or friend. Your ward staff will already have some details about your condition.

Your identity
You will be given a wrist band with your name on it, which you should wear at all times. This is very important. If it is inaccurate, illegible or missing, please tell a nurse. It is important that you do not remove the band until you are discharged (go home) from hospital.

Identifying us
All staff at the Trust wear identity badges which should be visible at all times. Ask any member of staff to show you their badge, and they’ll be happy to do so. You can also expect staff to introduce themselves.

Identifying members of your healthcare team

  • Female nurses wear pale blue uniforms – either a dress or a shirt with dark trousers. Male nurses wear a white tunic with light blue epaulettes and dark trousers.
  • The nurse in charge of your ward is called the ward sister (if female) or charge nurse (if male). The ward sisters wear dark blue uniforms. The charge nurses wear white tunics with dark blue epaulettes.
  • Matrons – who oversee a number of wards – wear purple uniforms. Women wear purple dresses; the men wear white tunics with purple epaulettes and dark trousers.
  • Doctors and consultants don’t have uniforms, but may wear a white coat.
  • In the Minor Injuries Unit, as well as theatres and some other clinical areas, healthcare staff wear loose-fitting tunics and trousers (known as scrubs or blues).
  • Other staff such as ward clerks, domestics, therapists, healthcare support workers and midwives have a variety of uniforms. All staff can be identified by their Trust ID badge.