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Information for visitors

We encourage our patients to invite friends and family to visit you in hospital. All visitors are asked to show consideration for other patients on the ward.

Visiting times: Most wards are open to visitors from 3pm to 4.30pm and from 7pm to 8.30pm. In special circumstances, visitors may be admitted at additional times.

Number of visitors: Up to two visitors will be allowed by your bedside at any time. If you’re receiving treatment when your visitors arrive, they may be asked to wait.

Children: Please ask staff on the ward or department you are visiting if children are allowed on your particular ward. Adults must accompany children under 12 years old. Special permission must be requested for children under six years old to visit wards.

How relatives can contact ward staff: Each ward has a direct telephone number which the staff will give you when you arrive. It would be a big help if you could give this number out to just one person, who can then act as a point of contact for other friends and relatives. Please ask them to avoid telephoning the ward at meal times and other busy periods.

Overnight accommodation: Some overnight accommodation is available  for relatives of very sick patients or for patients who attend the hospital for regular treatments and have to travel a long way. Please discuss your needs at your pre-admission appointment or as soon as you can with your ward staff.

Flowers: Potted plants are allowed on wards. However, cut flowers are not permitted on some of our wards, as the water in the vases can harbour germs that could put vulnerable patients at risk of infection. There is also the potential danger of water spilling onto sensitive electrical equipment. Ward staff can give you more guidance on what’s permitted in your particular ward.

No smoking: Please note, smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises, including the entrances and grounds.

Mobile phones: Visitors are asked to turn off their mobile phones before they enter wards, to prevent any possible interference with medical equipment.

Aggressive behaviour: We expect all visitors to treat patients and hospital staff with respect. Please note that we operate a zero tolerance policy for aggression and violence.

For further information contact the ward directly. Ward contact details >>

No Smoking

No smoking

Barts and The London is a smoking-free trust, and no smoking is allowed in any part of our hospitals – including buildings, entrances, grounds and gardens – or in Trust vehicles.

Our policy is designed to ensure that our hospitals are safe, healthy and pleasant places for all patients, staff and visitors. More information >>