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Cleaner hospitals programme

Cleaner hands poster, Smarten Up campaign
Cleaner Hands - Smarten Up Campaign

The Cleaner Hospitals programme is a key element in the Trust’s Smarten Up campaign, designed both to improve the overall environment of our hospitals and, along with other infection control measures, to help reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections such as MRSA.

National campaigns

The programme was launched in February 2005, as part of the national NHS Think Clean Campaign and is aligned to both the Department of Health’s Matron's Charter - an Action Plan for Cleaner Hospitals and the National Patient Safety Agency's campaign for cleaner hospitals.

Building on good practice

Barts and The London has the one of the lowest rates of MRSA among acute teaching hospitals in the capital and one of the Trust’s core objectives for 2005/08 is to be the safest is to be the safest Trust in our peer group.

The Cleaner Hospitals programme will build on existing good practice within the Trust and ensure that the same high standards apply right the way across the organisation.

Cleaner hands

The focus on clean hands is an important part of the programme and involves everyone who comes into contact with patients, across all staff groups as well as friends and family members who visit patients. Everyone should clean their hands immediately before and after coming into contact with patients, either with soap and water or using the cleaning lotions available on the wards.

To ensure that bacteria are eliminated, people need to make sure they apply the cleaning lotion fully to cover their hands and fingers and massage it in properly.