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At your appointment

At your appointment...

When you see the doctor
At your appointment, you may be seen by the consultant in charge of your care, or by another doctor who works on the consultant’s team. If the consultant or doctor decides that you need to be seen again, you will be asked to book a new appointment with the clinic receptionist before you leave.

Is it alright to ask lots of questions?
Yes, go ahead, we really encourage this. We want you to become involved in your health care and play an  active part in decision making. We’ll give you lots of information, in person and in writing, so you can feel confident that you are getting the best possible care. It’s important that you understand all the information you are given and are clear about your diagnosis/condition and tests or treatment. So fire away, whether you want to know more about your condition, or the tests you might need, or the treatment options available. And if you’re worried or want a second opinion, then talk it through with someone in the team looking after you. We’ll always make time to listen.

How you’ll identify us
All staff in our hospitals wear identity badges, which should be visible at all times. Ask any member of staff to show you their badge, and they’ll be happy to do so. You can also expect staff to introduce themselves. Staff such as nurses, healthcare support workers and domestics all wear uniforms. Doctors and consultants don’t have uniforms, but may wear a white coat.

Will I come into contact with students?
It’s possible that you will come into contact with students, as all our hospitals are involved in teaching students. Often, you will see student doctors, nurses and other trainee clinical staff in the clinic/department. They may help with giving you direct care or examinations (under supervision) and you might be  asked to discuss your condition with students. You  have the right to refuse to be seen or treated by students – refusal will not affect the rest of your care.

Will I be asked to take part in research?
Our staff are involved in a variety of research projects and at some stage in your treatment you may be asked to be involved with one of these projects. Any research you are asked to take part in will be relevant to your care. Your consent to be part of a research project will be asked for separately to all other aspects of your treatment. You have the right to refuse to be involved in any research – refusal will not affect the rest of your care.

Will any samples or specimens be taken from me?
Sometimes samples or specimens are taken from you during your treatment to help us understand your condition or plan your treatment. If you are not happy for these samples or specimens to be used for research purposes, then please make this clear to a doctor or nurse who is involved in your care. To find out more, please ask a member of staff for a copy of the Tissue Use information leaflet.

Do you need my consent before treatment or surgery?
Yes, we do. We won’t go ahead with treatment or surgery without your permission. And you have the right to refuse any treatment or examinations. If you are not able to give your consent, staff will act in your best interests.

No smoking

Is smoking allowed in the hospital?
No, not at all. As part of our commitment to health and safety, we have a no-smoking policy for all staff, patients and visitors. Smoking is not permitted in any of our hospitals, building or grounds, including the entrances.More information >>

Smokers’ cessation clinics: If you want to give up smoking, we can offer support and advice. We run smokers’ cessation clinics for patients attending any of our hospitals. For further information or to book a place, please contact the smoking cessation clinic on tel 020 7882 8230.

Mobile phones: You may use your mobile phone in the hospital apart from when you’re on a ward or area of the hospital where there is sensitive medical equipment. We do need to be strict about this as mobiles can interfere with this type of equipment and put lives at risk. If you want to use your mobile, please check with a member of staff that it is safe to do so.

What measures are in place to ensure security in the hospital?
We work in partnership with the Metropolitan and City of London Police to ensure the safety and security of all patients, visitors and staff. To help us, please…

  • Don’t leave any valuables unattended.
  • Report any loss or theft to the ward staff as soon as possible.
  • Report anything suspicious to staff.

Aggressive behaviour: We expect all patients and visitors to treat other patients, visitors and hospital staff with respect. Please note that we operate a zero tolerance policy for aggression and violence.