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Our performance

Our clinical outcomes
Barts and The London Centre for Reproductive Medicine was named as having one of the highest success rates among UK NHS clinics in the HFEA Patient Guide and is one of two London hospitals with the lowest multiple birth rates (twins or more) in the capital.

Statistics for the centre show that 32.6% of IVF treatments given here involving women under 35 result in the birth of a baby, compared with a national average of 27%.

The centre is also successful at helping older women, who can find it harder to conceive, to have a baby – 33.3% of IVF treatments for women aged 35-37 at the centre result in a baby being born. Similarly, the success rate for women aged 38-39 is 22.6%.

Are these stats up to date?

Should we include stats here for number of live births each year as a result of treatment at centre and perhaps how many treatment cycles we carry out in a year?  

Fast access
All new patients are seen within 11 weeks and once investigated, there is no waiting time to proceed with fertility treatment.

Number of patients treated
Provide annual figures

Patient satisfaction
Include any stats from patient surveys – any patient testimonials we can use?

Barts and The London Centre for Reproductive Medicine was rated as one of the top five IVF clinics in the country by a patients’ survey carried out by IVF-World.com.