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Quality Assurance of Surgical Instruments 

The Clinical Physics Research Workshop has a highly skilled team of technical officers engaged in applied mechanical engineering. The team's professional expertise and wide experience enables them to provide essential support to numerous research projects within the Trust and the Medical College.

In addition, specialist work is undertaken in collaboration with Trust theatres and non-NHS organisations in the provision of a vigorous quality control system of surgical instruments. The department is equipped with a range of modern machine tools and equipment capable of producing high precision devices.

Barts water substitute material

The research, development and production of innovative tissue equivalent materials is undertaken in a specialised laboratory and production facility.

Services provided:

  • Mechanical design, development and manufacture of instruments and equipment.
  • Production of prototypes.
  • Manufacture of tissue substitutes and phantoms.
  • Precision machining, welding, engraving and general technical support to research.
  • Repair and modification of clinical and research equipment.
  • Quality control of surgical instruments.

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