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Radiation safety, bag scan 

Radiation Safety provides diagnostic radiation physics support and radiation protection services to Barts and The London NHS Trust and to other NHS trusts and hospitals, private hospitals and industrial sites. Services include advice on compliance with legislation, staff and patient safety, personal dosimetry and equipment quality control.

Services provided:   

Radiation protection
  • Role of Radiation Protection Adviser.
  • Room planning and advice on new radiation/modified facilities.
  • Provision of local rules.
  • Surveys of radiation rooms and radionuclide laboratories.
  • Dose calculations and advice on radiation monitoring and measurement.
  • Investigation of radiation incidents.
  • Personal dosimetry service.
Radiation safety, film badge 
Medical and security x-ray quality assurance
  • Critical examination and acceptance testing of new x-ray equipment.
  • Routine quality assurance testing.
  • Patient dosimetry.
  • Advice on equipment procurement.
  • Applied research and development.
Rodionuclide laboratory safety
  • Routine safety inspection and reporting.
  • Calibration of contamination monitors.
  • Management of a central radioactive waste store.

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