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Repairing a defibrillator 

Clinical Engineering provides a comprehensive equipment management service, based on the guidelines of MDA DB 9801, encompassing the selection of clinical equipment, procurement, commissioning, planned preventive maintenance (PPM), repair, disposal and replacement.

All types of diagnostic and therapeutic medical equipment devices are covered, including diagnostic imaging equipment, defibrillators, infusion pumps and multiparameter patient monitors. Over 15,000 items of equipment are now maintained in the Trust and other NHS and private healthcare organisations. Clinical Engineering is registered to BS EN ISO 9001:2000 across the Trust.

Repairing equipment

Services provided:

  • Complete equipment management, from procurement to disposal.
  • Supportive, highly professional and cost-effective consultancy
    advisory service.
  • Provision of Medical Equipment Libraries at The Royal London and Barts hospitals.
  • Risk analysis and user training.
  • Work undertaken by experienced staff who have received specialist training.
  • Equipment details, maintenance records, etc. stored on a computer database.
  • Statistical analyses of down-times and response-times.
  • Use of modern test equipment and techniques.
  • Extensive library of technical information.
  • User training programmes.

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