Clinical Physics


Clinical Physics Department has been established at both The Royal London and St Bartholomew's hospitals for over 60 years. During this time many physicists and engineers have devoted their careers to developing these services, the most notable in recent years being Professor Montague Cohen, Dr Stanley Klevenhagen, Mr George Innes, MBE and Professor Joseph Rotblat, Nobel Laureate.

The activities of the Clinical Physics Department now cover the whole spectrum of clinical physics. This includes;

  • radiation dosimetry and radiation protection
  • nuclear medicine physics
  • radiation treatment planning
  • quality assurance in radiotherapy
  • diagnostic imaging quality control, and
  • clinical equipment management of patient-connected and radiation equipment.

Applied research and development is undertaken and a wide range of scientific teaching courses are run for many clinical staff groups.

The Clinical Physics Department is devoted to improving patient healthcare through the application of science to medicine. It is committed to providing a high quality, cost-effective clinical physics service to the Trust and to other organisations where contractual arrangements exist.

This service, which covers all aspects of clinical radiation physics, clinical engineering, research and teaching is in accordance with statutory requirements and the standards set by professional healthcare bodies.