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Visiting us

If your child has an appointment to see one of our specialists this will take place at the eye clinic in the Outpatients Department at The Royal London Hospital. The children’s eye service is based in the Ophthalmology Department on the second floor in the outpatients building (the entrance is on Stepney Way).

When attending your child’s appointment please bring with you a list of any medications your child is taking, their red book (health record book), your appointment letter, your child’s glasses, food and/or milk and a change of nappies.

Health advocates can be arranged for parents who do not speak English by contacting tel: 020 7377 7362

If your child has been in contact with any infectious diseases we ask that you cancel and reschedule the appointment. If for any reason you are unable to attend the appointment we also ask that you cancel and reschedule the appointment. New patients should telephone 0207 7601 8099 to cancel, whilst follow-up patients should telephone 0207 7377 7000 extension 2482.

Information for new patients

The clinic that you will be seen in depends on the reason your child was referred. Some patients are seen in the Paediatric Ophthalmology Primary Care Clinic, whilst others are seen in the Paediatric Ophthalmology Clinic. This will be stated on your appointment letter – or can be obtained from our central appointments department (0207 7601 8099).

It is routine procedure for all new patients to have their pupils dilated (temporarily enlarged). This requires placing 3 drops into each eye, and occasionally extra drops are required – it can take up to 45 minutes for the drops to work. Pupil dilation is necessary so that the team can properly examine the structures inside the eye and check that they are healthy. It also allows us to check whether or not your child needs glasses. Dilation can make your child’s eyes more sensitive to light, so you may wish to bring sunglasses for them to wear after the appointment.

Patients attending paediatric ophthalmology clinics are often seen by a number of health care professionals (orthoptist, optometrist, doctors) and for this reason we suggest that you allow 2 hours when attending the appointment.

Patients attending the Paediatric Ophthalmology Primary Care Clinic are seen by an orthoptist and an optometrist and for this clinic we suggest you allow 90 minutes for the appointment.

At the end of your visit your child’s diagnosis will discussed with you and the necessary follow-up arrangements made, and your GP and referrer informed of the outcome.

Information for follow-up patients

Depending on your child’s diagnosis they may be reviewed again the in paediatric ophthalmology clinic, or may be reviewed by the orthoptist, optometrist or GP specialist. If you are attending appointments in the paediatric ophthalmology clinic please allow 2 hours for the appointment. For appointments with the optometrist or the GP specialist please allow 90 minutes, whilst we suggest you allow an hour for follow-up appointments with the orthoptist.

Information for patients with retinopathy of prematurity (ROP)

If your child requires screening for ROP this will be discussed with you on the ward. You will be informed of when your child’s examination will take place.

Information for patients with retinoblastoma

The arrangements for each child with this condition vary greatly, and as such a member of the retinoblastoma team will contact you personally to inform you of the appointment details.

Staying with us

If the consultant has decided that your child requires surgery or a particular treatment that means that your child will stay in hospital, all the details will be fully explained to you at one of your appointments. Most childhood eye conditions that require surgery are treated as day cases on Buxton Ward, on the rare occasions that children stay overnight they are usually admitted to Ocean Ward.