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Megan’s Story

Megan Parsons had a squint that switched from eye to eye and a ‘lazy’ left eye. Her vision was corrected with glasses and patching therapy, the squint was then corrected with an operation at Barts and The London’s Children’s Hospital, performed by Mr M. Ashwin Reddy, Consultant Paediatric Ophthalmologist. Now her parents are delighted their little girl can see better and her eyes are prettier than ever. 

Megan Parsons, before her squint correction surgery.
Megan Parsons, before her squint correction surgery

From the age of 18 months, Megan, now four, had a bad squint in her left eye which eventually alternated between both eyes. Squints – when one eye appears straight and the other turns in, out, up or down – most commonly appear in children up to the age of three. 

Two years ago, Megan was referred to Barts and The London Children’s Eye Service where she was assessed and prescribed glasses to improve her vision. The glasses also decreased the squint’s angle. She also had occlusion therapy (patching) - where one eye is covered with a patch to improve the poor vision in the other, ‘lazy’ eye.   

Anthony Sullivan, Head Orthoptist at the children’s eye service, says: ‘Megan’s vision became the same in both eyes within approximately six weeks. We gradually reduced the patching and stopped it altogether before she had surgery in June 2006.’

‘The operation Megan had readjusts a muscle in both eyes to correct the squint. It has better results if there’s good vision pre-operatively, which is why Megan had patching therapy first.’

Megan Parsons pictured with her mum
Megan Parsons pictured with her mum, after her eye operation

Megan continues to wear glasses and has regular check-ups at the children’s eye service. 

Her mum Lynne says: ‘We’re really pleased with how the operation went – the surgeon was brilliant. Megan’s eyesight is better and cosmetically we’re very happy with how her eyes look.’ 

‘She didn’t mind wearing patches and she’s been good as gold throughout her treatment.’