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Leaving a legacy

Your promise to tomorrow

Barts and The London NHS Trust is one of the UK’s largest and busiest hospital trusts.  More than 6,500 staff are dedicated to achieving the best possible care for patients. The team here needs support – support from people who value our work and who share our passion to provide outstanding care for patients.

St Bartholomew’s Hospital

St Bartholomew’s Hospital (founded in 1123) and has a long and proud history of caring, and now we are continuing to build on that past to ensure new standards of excellence for the future.

At Barts we are developing a world-class specialist cancer and cardiac centre.  To achieve this however, we need to support new research, have access to new technology and shape an environment that is more suited to the needs of patients during difficult times.

A legacy to St Bartholomew’s Hospital can make an enormous impact, ensuring that we provide the highest possible quality of patient care and that facilities in our hospital reflect the clinical excellence of our staff.

The Royal London Hospital

The Royal London Hospital was founded in 1740 and today provides a comprehensive service to the people of Tower Hamlets, the City and beyond.

In addition it has facilities for a series of specialist services including neurosurgery and neurosciences, plastic surgery and specialist children’s services.

The Accident and Emergency service (featured on BBC’s Trauma programme) treats almost 100,000 patients annually and has a dedicated service for children as well as the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) which operates London wide.

If you would like to support the welfare of patients and staff, the promotion of innovation and the development of clinical practice then please consider leaving a legacy to The Royal London Hospital.

The London Chest Hospital

The London Chest Hospital has a dedicated team of specialist staff working in the fields of heart and lung disease completing up to 8,000 operations a year with a flow of over 21,000 outpatients.

Together with St Bartholomew’s, The London Chest Hospital also provides a home to Barts and The London Heart Centre – a leading specialist centre formed from one of the biggest cardiac departments in the UK.

Our services include cardiac and thoracic surgery of the highest calibre and the less invasive heart procedures and treatments offered by our top cardiologists.  We operate the UK’s largest angioplasty unit, including an award-winning Heart Attack Centre, we are a leading centre for treating irregular heart rhythms by catheter ablation, and our research continue to push back the frontiers of medical knowledge in their search for new cures and treatments such as stem cell therapy.

Leaving a legacy to the London Chest Hospital will allow us to continue to provide the highest levels of patient care and pursue our ground-breaking research. 

Making a Will

If you have a family or friends close to your heart, naturally you will want to provide for them. A properly drawn-up Will makes things easier for them when the time comes and ensures that those closest to you receive exactly what you want them to.

Six simple steps to making a Will:

  1. Write a list of all your assets to estimate the value of your estate.
  2. Write a list of all the people (including full names and addresses) you would like to benefit from your Will.
  3. Decide on a particular solicitor or bank to draw up your Will. We can’t stress how important it is to have your Will made properly. That way, you can be sure that everything is carried out exactly as you would want it. Perhaps you know a solicitor who has handled your family’s affairs before? Or a friend may be able to recommend one. A straightforward alternative is to approach your bank. Just ask if they have a Will-making service and adviser.
  4. Choose an executor for your Will. You will need at least one person. They will be responsible for making sure your Will is carried out. You can choose a solicitor, bank manager or accountant. However, they may charge you a fee. Instead, you could ask a family member or close friend.
  5. To be legally binding, your Will must be signed in the presence of two witnesses, who must then sign it themselves. They and their spouses must not be beneficiaries.
  6. Keep your Will safe. One good way of doing this is to entrust it to your solicitor or bank manager.

Leaving a Gift

You can choose to leave any of several different kinds of gifts to a nominated person or charity. The two most common are:

Monetary gifts: a fixed amount of money to a person or organisation.

Residuary gifts: after making specific and/or monetary gifts, the residue of your estate can be left to one person or organisation, or divided amongst many.

Your professional advisor may suggest the following wording:

“I give the residue of my estate (or a ……% share of or the sum of £_______) to ___________Fund (General/Ward/Department/Research) at St Bartholomew’s Hospital/The Royal London Hospital/The London Chest Hospital (delete as appropriate), Barts and The London Charity, 4th Floor, 12 Cock Lane, London EC1A 9BU, registered Charity No. 212563, to be used for its general charitable purposes and I declare the receipt of the Treasurer or other proper office shall be a full and sufficient discharge”.

Private and Confidential

If you intend to leave a legacy to St Bartholomew’s or The Royal London Hospital in your Will, you can do a great deal to help us plan for the future by letting us know about your kind intentions now.

Of course any pledge is not legally binding and there is no need to tell us anything about the arrangements that you’d prefer to keep private. Thank you for your support.

For further information or to let us know about your pledge please contact:

Ros Cunningham, Legacies Officer
Address: Barts and The London Charity, 4th Floor, 12 Cock Lane, London EC1A 9BU
Tel: 020 7618 1712
Fax: 020 7618 9395