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Fundraising ideas

At Work…

  • Sweepstakes – Having an office sweepstake for a major event?  Why not give us the chance to win by allocating one competitor to us, or you could donate 10% of the winnings.
  • Sponsored lunch run – Offer to pop out and buy lunch for your busy colleagues.  At 50p a go, five lunches a day will raise over £50 in a month.
  • Office Tuck Shop – stock up on chocolate bars, crisps and sweets, then set up a stall at work and sell them to your colleagues.  Charge them a bit more than the usual retail price.  This has been known to raise about £50 per month in an office of 120 people.
  • Spot the baby – Embarrassment is guaranteed when you collect everyone’s baby photos.  Charge people £2 to guess their identities.  The bashful winner gets 25% of the pot.
  • Sponsored head or beard shave – Get rid of that shock of hair, not to mention that goatee! Applies to moustaches too.  Or how about a sponsored chest wax (ouch!)?

Fun with Friends…

  • Quizzes – a sure success – everyone loves the chance to show off their knowledge!  Make it a fun event and offer drinks or light refreshments.  Charge an entrance fee and award prizes.  Here are some ideas:
  • Trivial Pursuits quiz
  • Soaps
  • Local knowledge 
  • 70’s 80’s & 90’s        
  • Pop Quiz
  • Music
  • Cheese and wine tasting evening – Get your friends and workmates together for a mouth-watering evening.  Try to have around 20 people, and charge them £10 or £20 each.  For that, you can provide a fine selection of wines and cheeses with crackers, French sticks, fruit or celery – whatever you fancy.  But don’t be too extravagant or you won’t have any left to donate to us!
  • Karaoke night – Ask a local pub or bar if they’ll give you a free room.  If they don’t have a karaoke machine, see if you can get a good deal from an independent supplier.  Charge singers £1 to enter and charge the rest of the crowd £5 each to get them off the stage.  Make sure you publicise it well in advance.

Home and Family…

  • Coffee Morning – Invite friends and neighbours over for coffee and homemade cakes.  Charge a small entrance fee and ask everybody to bring good used paperbacks that a friend can buy for £1 each.
  • Give it up – Sponsor members of the family to give up their worse habits for a week – to benefit one of our appeals.  Each time they forget they have to pay a fine.
  • Auction of promises – Ask friends and neighbours to donate an evening’s babysitting, an afternoon’s ironing, a day’s gardening, or whatever else you can think of.  Ask local hairdressers, cafes and shops to take part to.  Then take the highest bids.
  • Patchwork Quilt – If you and your friends are passionate about patchwork, why not get together and make a quilt?  Then raffle it off for one of our appeals.


  • Sponsored bike ride – Got some friends who could join you on a sponsored bike ride?  Make it an interesting route, with lots of refreshments on the way.
  • Aerobics – Do you go to a really good aerobics class? Why not ask your instructor if they’d consider organising an aerobics marathon?
  • Fun Run – If you like to run, but not very far, why not get together with some friends for a fun run?
  • Swim – You could organise a sponsored swim with your friends at your local pool.

Fundraising materials available for most appeals

  • Leaflets
  • Collection tins
  • Collection buckets
  • T-shirts
  • Sponsorship forms
  • Poster – tailored for your event
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