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Cancer Care Appeal

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The Cancer Care Appeal is raising essential funds for Barts and The London Cancer Centre, to provide additional life-saving equipment, fund vital research and to ensure patients receive the best treatment possible in a calming environment.

Barts and The London Cancer Centre

Barts and The London Cancer Centre is based at St Bartholomew’s Hospital (Barts), which has a long tradition of excellence – from the early pioneers such as Rahere to the more recent physicians Bodley Scott and Hamilton Fairley commemorated on our wards today.

The Centre is a leading cancer treatment and research centre which offers a full range of services for its cancer patients, including pioneering medical and surgical treatments.  It seeks excellence in patient care and recognises that each patient needs to be individualised, taking into account psychological and social needs, alongside medical treatment.

The high concentration of complex cases we see means that we have some of Britain’s leading specialists on our team.  Our patients are referred from throughout the UK, although the majority of attendances are patients living locally – from the city and Canary Wharf to east London and beyond.

Breast Care Centre

Opened in 2004, the Breast Care Centre was funded by the £13 million Cancer Centre of Excellence Appeal, which included a grant of £2 million from Barts and The London Charity. The Centre offers the latest breast screening and diagnostic technology and a hi-tech conference and teaching facility.  There is also a well-equipped patient resource centre offering information and advice

The attractive decor, comfortable furnishings and original art help to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere which helps to ease patients’ anxiety and encourage feelings of calm and well-being.

‘Home from Home’ Hostel Accommodation

Funds from the Cancer Care Appeal have been used to help establish a hostel on the Barts site, to provide free overnight accommodation for patients who require ongoing day-care treatment but live too far away from the hospital to be able to make the journey to and from their homes each day.

The accommodation, which is housed in newly-refurbished facilities, has 10 bedrooms dedicated for use by cancer patients and a further five bedrooms available allowing the patient to be accompanied by a career.  Patients who use the facility would previously have been admitted to the hospital overnight, although they would not require overnight medical care, so the hostel helps to free up beds for those most in need.

The accommodation in Gloucester House is comfortable with fully equipped single rooms which include hand basins, tea and coffee making facilities and televisions.  Bathrooms for men and women are separate and there is a shared kitchen for the preparation of meals.  Most importantly patients can contact the staff on wards at any time, should they need immediate access to a hospital bed.

Patient and Staff Amenities

Funds from the Cancer Care Appeal have also been used to help to enhance the ward facilities for our patients and staff.  This includes buying state-of-the-art equipment such as the latest blood gas analyser - which is always costly and sometimes outside the scope of NHS provision. We have also helped to improve the hospital environment, by purchasing ice machines, air conditioning units, special chairs and amenities for family waiting areas. 

Complimentary therapies

The Cancer Care Nursing team is keen to introduce a range of complimentary therapies for patients.  Though not always available under the NHS it is now well documented that such therapies aid the healing process and help restore patients’ feeling of well-being and self-esteem’ and fit very well with the ethos of a patient centred cancer centre of excellence.  The therapies likely to be included are: relaxation techniques, aromatherapy and massage

How you can help

We’ve set ourselves the ambitious target of raising £100,000 over the next year to continue to help fund those extras which can make a big difference to a stay in hospital.  Here are some examples of you’re your contribution could help to provide:

  • Ambilighting for the PET CT Scanner Room  £20,000
  • Complimentary therapist one day a week £18,200
  • Patient Information leaflets from Cancer Backup £5,000
  • Ice Machine for the Hostel £1,000
  • Pulse Oximeter for Bodley Scott £550 

Your support will make a real difference to patient’s lives, in the City east London and beyond.


The Cancer Care Appeal fund is a special fund held by Barts and The London Charity (Registered Charity No. 212563).