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Case in point: Regan’s story

Regan's story

Sparks by name, sparks by nature, four-year-old Regan Sparks lives life to the full, despite suffering from cystic fibrosis – a condition she shares with older sister Tyler.

Regan spent the first three months of her life at Barts and The London Children’s Hospital, where our leading specialists performed four operations to unblock her bowel – a complication of cystic fibrosis, from which her sister Tyler also suffers.  Both Regan and Tyler remain patients, their care a partnership between Barts and The London and their local GP.

“The complications of cystic fibrosis sometimes can’t be managed with medication at home,” explains Cath Lambert, Clinical Nurse Specialist for cystic fibrosis. “It can be very difficult for the family, as when either Regan or Tyler is ill, they must stay apart to prevent the risk of cross-infection.”

Mum Caroline says that little Regan finds hospital admission difficult, but praises the staff for making her daughter’s stay easier. “The play specialists are lovely. They really help out and support us all when Regan or Tyler is in hospital. It takes Regan a while to get to know people on the ward, but once she knows they are there to help and make her feel well again, she settles in better.”

“Cystic fibrosis is a serious condition.  It is a testimony to the hospital that, for the most part, Regan is a normal fun-loving four year old.”

What is cystic fibrosis?

Cystic fibrosis is an inherited disease where the body produces thick mucus that can obstruct the lungs, intestine and pancreas. Respiratory infections and bowel problems are common complications.