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History of The Royal London publications  


Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children: 125 years of achievement, Jules Kosky (ed), price £7

The Royal London Hospital: a brief history, Sheila M Collins, price £4.50

London Pride: the story of a Voluntary Hospital, AE Clark-Kennedy, price £3.50

Emblems, Tokens and Tickets of The London Hospital and the London Hospital Medical College, Denis Gibbs, price £2.50

L.H.M.C., 1785 - 1985: the story of England’s first Medical School, Sir John Ellis, price £5

The Dental School of The London Hospital Medical College, 1911 - 1991, S Francis Fish, price £7.95

Learning to care: a history of nursing and midwifery education at the Royal London Hospital, 1740 - 1983, Edith R Parker and Sheila M Collins, price £9.50

A History of Radiotherapy at The London Hospital, 1896 - 1996, H. F. Hope-Stone, price £12

Patients Are People: memories of nursing at ‘The London’, 1939 - 1958, Margaret E Broadley, price £4.50

Patients Come First: nursing at ‘The London’ between the two World Wars, Margaret E Broadley, price £3.95

Edith Cavell: Her Life And Her Art - Sa Vie Et Son Art, Claire HG Daunton, price £2.95

Treves and the Elephant Man, Jonathan Evans, price £3.50

Medical Science and Stained Glass: the Johannes Schreiter windows at the Medical Library, the Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel, Caroline Swash, price £5

Other items

Royal London Hospital greetings cards, 85p

Christmas cards, £2.50 for 5

Postcards, 30p each

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For all UK orders please add £1 post and packing per order. For overseas orders please add £2 post and packing.

These publications can be purchased from The Royal London Archives and Museum. They are on sale in the Museum, or alternatively can be ordered by contacting 020 7377 7608, or via e-mail