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8. Policies and guidelines

The Trust has a comprehensive set of Trust core policies and guidelines that cover all aspects of the Trust’s operations.  Where there are perceived to be gaps, or new requirements, new policies and guidelines are developed.  As a consequence, some policies are under development or review at all times.

There is a Board-approved process for the ratification and regular review of Trust core policies and guidelines and their dissemination.  The Trust publishes a Policies and Guidelines Leaflet which is distributed to all members of staff. The leaflet and copies of individual policies can be obtained by emailing FOI@bartsandthelondon.nhs.uk.

Data Protection Act 1998

Every organisation has a legal responsibility to notify all their uses of personal information with the Information Commissioner on an annual basis.

  • The Trust’s Notification number is: Z5026592.  Review Date: October 2006

Full details of the Trust notification can be found in the Information Commissioners Data Protection Public Register www.esd.informationcommissioner.gov.uk/esd/search.asp

Information to patients detailing their rights under the Data Protection and how the Trust uses their information is contain within the Trust Inpatient and Outpatient leaflets and on the Trust internet site: in the For Patients /Know your rights

Further information on the Data Protection Act can be obtained from the Trust Office or by emailing: FOI@bartsandthelondon.nhs.uk