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Pathfinder clinical strategy  

Barts and The London launches five-year clinical strategy

The vision of Barts and The London – to bring excellence to life – captures the passion of an organisation committed to becoming truly world class. Our Pathfinder Clinical Strategy sets the framework for realising this vision together with our healthcare partners. Developed by 300 Trust clinicians and managers, in conjunction with key partner organisations, it sets out the challenges ahead, the opportunities opening up to us and how we intend to seize them.

We will continue to provide a wide range of services, but it is likely that the dual trends towards greater community provision and centralisation will lead to a narrower range of care within our existing specialties. Resources that are freed up will be invested in services that can demonstrate excellence. In some specialties we will both consolidate in north east London and extend our reach to attract tertiary patients from across London.

The strategy is underpinned by a programme of unprecedented investment at Barts and The London, including Britain’s biggest hospital redevelopment, the introduction of the world’s largest integrated electronic health records system, and new pay systems and contracts for almost every member of staff. Along with reforms such as streaming patients (separating routine from complex work), these developments will enable us to deliver a quantum leap in the quality and efficiency of our services over the next five to 10 years.

Along with our health sector partners we are redefining what it means to be an NHS patient in north east London and beyond. The decisions we make will touch the lives of millions. And, in an era of patient choice, the decisions our patients make will play an increasingly important role in defining our success too. In the future, services that are not excellent may not be sustainable because patients and referring clinicians will choose alternative providers. There has never been so much pressure to change, and never so many opportunities. Our Pathfinder Clinical Strategy sets us on course to seize them.

Our Pathfinder objectives:

  • Hospitals of choice: ensure that the Trust is the preferred provider for our catchment population, delivering a high-quality service
  • Fast and easy access: improve access to match or exceed national targets
  • Safe hands: become the safest Trust in our peer group
  • World-class infrastructure: be a leading developer and adopter of best clinical practice, supported by systems and facilities
  • Making the most of every pound we spend: ensure that we receive sufficient income to continue to provide high-quality care and to meet financial balance and other patient access targets
  • Model employer: develop the Trust as a learning organisation and as a model employer