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2006/09 objective: providing efficient and effective access to our services


Barts and The London was again awarded two stars in the Government’s national ratings system in September 2005 in recognition of our continuing good performance against key targets and priorities.  The star rating system is now being replaced by the NHS annual health check.  As part of the new, broader framework, we will continue to reduce waiting times, including the time our patients wait for elective and emergency care, both of which have improved again in the last year.

Our performance against the national targets represents significant progress, given the pressure on resources and finances during the year.  Barts and The London has come a long way in a short space of time – in 2002/03, almost 8% of our patients waited longer than nine months for an inpatient admission and 15% waited more than 21 weeks for an outpatient appointment.   By July 2006, only 2% of our patients were waiting longer than six months for an inpatient appointment, and almost all wait fewer than 12 weeks for an outpatient appointment.  The average wait is of course significantly lower than the target maximum, at just over eight weeks for inpatients and seven for outpatients.