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11. Complaints

The Trust believes that the effective handling of complaints is key to continuous improvement. Complaints and comments from our service users not only assist us in identifying those areas in need of improvement, but also what we do well.

Patients and their families are actively encouraged to meet with the staff looking after them if they are dissatisfied with their care. This gives them the opportunity to tell staff exactly what their concerns are, and to ask any questions that they have. It is also often the quickest and most effective way to resolve any issues or concerns.   

The overall complaint management process is managed and co-ordinated by the Head of the Quality Development Department in the Risk Management Unit. 

The Trust operates a decentralised complaints service, whereby every directorate has its own designated Complaint Lead, with some of the larger directorates having their own substantive Customer Care Manager. These individuals are responsible for co-ordinating the investigation of complaints and act as a first point of contact for complainants within the directorate.

The Trust has a local complaints policy, written in line with the national NHS complaints policy. It provides explicit instructions for staff on what to do if a patient, carer, or other service user wants to make a complaint about the care or treatment that they have received in the Trust.

Information on complaints received and actions taken are included in the following publications:

These reports show performance against national and local targets and  detail any improvements made as a result of complaints. 

These documents are available on the Trust website. Alternatively, they can be requested from the Publication Scheme Co-ordinator.

Further information on the Trust’s complaints procedures is available from:

The Quality Development Department

Barts and The London NHS Trust

3 Floor, 9 Prescot Street


London E1 8PR

The Trust’s complaints process is supported by a ‘Tell Us About It’ campaign, with leaflets and posters that have been distributed throughout the Trust. These provide information to service users on how to make a complaint, or feedback their experiences. They are available in all ward areas, from the PALS Office (see Section 9) or the Publication Scheme Co-ordinator.