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Staying with us

HIV is a complex condition and there are many different reasons why an HIV patient may be admitted to our ward but modern treatment approaches combined with our high standards of care means that HIV patients who have been diagnosed and attend the clinic very rarely stay with us in the hospital.  However, if someone presents as unwell, usually because they have become ill before discovering their HIV diagnosis, then we will admit that patient to our Fredrick Andrewes ward.

Caring for you 

The doctor who cares for you when you stay with us will be part of our team that provides care in the clinic, though not necessarily someone you have already met.  The doctor is supported by a senior house officer and registrar.  A nurse team assigned to the ward will work alongside your doctor to provide you with the best care.

Holistic approach

As a patient staying with us you can expect to have all your nursing and medical needs met in a holistic and individualised manner.  This care will be regularly reviewed and adjusted according to your needs.  Where appropriate we will call on our highly skilled multi-disciplinary team.

Visiting times

Family and friends are more than welcome to visit you between 11.00am and 9.00pm

Returning home

Because of the varied conditions that cause HIV infected people to stay in hospital, the length of stay in hospital is variable.  Most of our patients become well again and return home.  If our occupational therapy team decides you will need extra support when you return home – this includes help around the home, cooking, cleaning and shopping, then we can organise for someone to come to your home and care for you.