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About us


Barts and The London HIV Service is the largest of five dedicated HIV services offered by NHS Trust hospitals in North East London and provides a referral service for the most complicated cases. Patients are referred to us by sexual health clinics, other hospital departments or GPs, once they are diagnosed with HIV or AIDS.

Patients can also make contact with us directly without a referral from any other medical service. If you feel you are at risk of HIV or AIDS, please visit your local sexual health centre and ask for a test. Our HIV service is not where you get an HIV test; it is for those who have already tested positive. For information about Barts and The London Sexual Health Centre, please click here.  

Understanding patients needs

We understand that for many of our patients being diagnosed with HIV may cause a considerable amount of worry and concern.  Many patients ask us how they are going to cope with living with HIV or how they should go about telling their partner, family and friends. 

There are a whole host of different worries and our team is here to guide patients every step of the way. We recognise there is no set approach to providing care for individuals. Our team will provide the counselling and medical support according to an individual’s needs. For more details about our support services, please click here

Keeping you well

We aim to keep people with HIV well so that they can lead a full and happy life.  For many of our patients, they can expect to visit us three to eight times a year to make sure they are healthy and check their drug therapy is still working for them. For those with more complex health needs we have a multi-disciplinary team who can be called upon to provide the right care and treatment.

Confidential service

Patients are reassured that all our records are kept in confidence and we will not notify a GP, partner, relative or friend unless a patient gives us permission to do so.

It is important for us to have your home address on file as we may want to get in touch with you from time to time.  Reasons for us to get in touch with you could include an abnormal blood result or we may ask you to change an appointment.  Your contact details remain within our centre and are not shared with anyone, unless you give us permission to do so.