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Staying with us
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If you are coming into stay at the centre, you will stay on Percival Pott ward at St Bartholomew's (Barts) Hospital. Percival Pott ward is a 19-bedded women’s health unit specialising in gynaecological cancer surgery and breast surgery. We also care for women with general gynaecological conditions.

Ward contact details:

Percival Pott ward
Fourth Floor
King George V Wing
St Bartholomew’s Hospital
West Smithfield
Tel: 020 7601 7059/7060

Hospital switchboard tel: 020 7377 7000

Checking in

Upon arrival, please report to the ward clerk who can be found on the left as you enter the main ward area. The ward clerk will be able to provide you with a medical certificate or a sick note for your employer while you are in hospital.  The ward clerk will also arrange a follow-up appointment and this will be given to you before you leave the ward. If you are discharged without a follow-up appointment, please contact the ward so this can be arranged.

Your nursing team

The nursing team is managed by Gill Taylor, Head of Nursing, Jane Radnor-Ortiz, Matron and the Senior Sister, Alison Thompson.

The sisters and staff nurses have great expertise in the area of women’s health. They are committed to giving a high standard of nursing care and ensuring your stay is as comfortable as possible. They will be able to provide information, advice and support to you and your family during your stay.

The matron visits the ward on a daily basis and is dressed in a purple uniform. The sisters are dressed in navy blue uniforms.  Staff nurses wear either a striped dress or a striped tunic with navy trousers. The ward is a learning environment therefore you may come across student nurses who will be wearing a similar uniform to staff nurses but with white piping. We also have nursing assistants who are dressed in a lilac uniform. All staff wear a badge with their name and designation so that they are easily identifiable.

Other members of team

There is a doctors ward round at 7:30 every morning. You will also see doctors at various times throughout the day. 

The housekeeper is responsible for assisting with the day-to-day running of the ward, with a special focus on enhancing the caring environment. 

There are a team of domestics who are responsible for cleaning and maintaining a clean ward. 

Social workers
Social workers are available to offer practical and emotional support as well as financial advice. Please ask one of the nurses if you would like to speak to a social worker while you are in hospital. Alternatively, you can visit the Social Work website.

Hospital chaplains are available to all patients, relatives, friends and staff for pastoral, religious and spiritual support. Sometimes it is difficult to talk to family, friends or health professionals about the many different issues connected with cancer. Chaplains are very used to talking to people from any faith or community. They can provide a confidential place for people to talk over anything that concerns them. It does not matter if these discussions have nothing to do with faith or religion. If you would like to talk to a chaplain, please ask a member of staff and they will arrange a visit for you. For more details, click here.

Interpreting service
Barts and The London has its own bi-lingual Health Advocacy Service, which provides information, support, interpreting and advice to patients whose first language is not English. Please visit Barts Barts and The London's main website for details.

Preparing for your stay

For details about what to bring with you and other facilities available at the hospital, please visit Barts and The London's main website.