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Barts and The London Gynaecological Cancer Centre actively supports patients with suspected or actual gynaecological cancers by running innovative research programmes. In our efforts to improve current cancer treatments and patients’ survival, new and ongoing projects in gynaecological cancer are conducted to test a range of treatments in healthcare.

Research is conducted by team members from the Gynaecological Cancer Centre and colleagues from the Centres for Translational Oncology and Molecular Oncology within the Institute of Cancer at Barts and the London, Queen Mary School of Medicine and Dentistry. We also participate in research coordinated by the National Cancer Research Network.  Drs Powell, Gallagher and McNeish are all members of the National Cancer Research Network Gynaecological Cancer Group.

All research is assessed by East London and the City Local Research Ethics Committee as well as the Joint Research and Development Office of the hospitals and Medical School to ensure that the highest standards of good clinical practice are adhered to. The team can discuss trials that may be suitable for you. We may seek your informed consent for tumour tissue and ascites (fluid from the abdomen), which is removed during your normal treatment, to be donated to the ovarian or vulval tissue banks. Refusal or withdrawal from any research project at any time will not affect your treatment.

The Gynaecological Cancer Centre has developed strong links with both Professor Fran Balkwill and her team from the Centre for Translational Oncology and Dr Iain McNeish’s team in the Centre for Molecular Oncology (both at Queen Mary School of Medicine and Dentistry) to improve treatments and survival for patients with gynaecological cancer. In our collaborative efforts, an ovarian and vulval tumour bank has been developed to support research projects conducted by both clinicians and scientists.  Supporting the tissue bank collection is Research Nurse, Suzette Arrindell, who works closely with Professor Fran Balkwill and Ms Karina Reynolds, Consultant Gynaecological oncologist.

Centre for Translation Oncology

The Centre for Translational Oncology carries out research into cancer biology with a special focus on ovarian cancer. We are studying the links between cancer and the process of inflammation.  Cancers are not just made from cancer cells; the cancer cells in a tumour recruit many 'normal' cells to help their growth and spread.  These normal cells are very similar to those found in the body where there is chronic inflammation and they carry out similar roles.

In our research centre we aim to find out how the normal cells are recruited, exactly how they help the cancer grow and spread and how we can stop them doing this. We then use the knowledge we gain from our experiments with patient tissues and in the lab to develop new ways of treating ovarian and other cancers.

For information on current and previous research trials by team members and associates please click on the following links which you may find useful: