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Clinical Oncology / Radiotherapy

our Clinical Oncology/Radiotherapy service provides a multidisciplinary approach to care and has close working relationships with other providers of cancer care in the hospital and the community. The service assesses and treats patients with, or suspected of having, malignant disease. Patients are treated by external beam irradiation (teletherapy), brachytherapy and cytotoxic chemotherapy.

There is an active programme of supportive care for patients on treatment – particularly close links exist with the palliative care services, social work, chaplaincy, the bereavement service and local hospices.

Services available:

  • External beam radiotherapy using x-rays or high-energy electrons as appropriate.
  • Comprehensive facilities for simulation and planning of therapy including simulator, dedicated CT scanning sessions, the Cadplan computerised planning system plus full mould room support.
  • Brachytherapy using the Microselectron HDR mechanical afterloading system for gynaecological, intraluminal or interstitial implants.
  • Unsealed source therapy for thyroid, prostatic metastases and other malignancies.
  • Chemotherapy particularly for solid tumours.
  • Specialist nursing to advise on management of radiation reaction and to offer counselling.
  • Specialised techniques including total body irradiation prior to bone marrow transplantation, focal stereotactic brain radiotherapy for AV malformations and small tumours (radiosurgery), IMRT and conformal radiotherapy.