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Medical Oncology

Our Medical Oncology service provides consultation and advice on diagnosis, investigation, screening and treatment of patients suspected of having cancer.

 Comprehensive treatment with chemotherapy, hormone therapy and immunotherapy for cure or relief of symptoms is provided. Research and development is conducted on new and improved treatments for cancer patients, new preventative treatments and the application of scientific advances in the understanding of cancer causation.

Services available

The comprehensive service includes:

  • Consultation and counselling for patients, their families and friends.
  • Treatment with chemotherapy, hormone therapy and immunotherapy for cure and relief of symptoms from cancer.
  • Research and development of preventative strategies and new drug treatment through the conduct of clinical trials and protocols for cancer care.
  • Integrated treatment is provided together with the departments of Radiotherapy, Haematology, Palliative Care and the Surgical departments.
  • Patient information and counselling with the CancerBackup centre, trained counsellors and art therapy.

There are innovative treatment programmes with scientific trials to assess new chemotherapy and immunotherapy agents, hormone and growth factors. The Chemotherapy Day Unit has dedicated facilities and a team of chemotherapy trained nurses.

This service is comprehensive but has particular interests and strengths in the following areas:

  • Breast and gynaecological cancer, hormonal and chemotherapy.
  • Chemotherapy and endobronchial therapy by laser, stent and brachytherapy for lung cancer and mesothelioma.
  • Gastrointestinal cancers, chemotherapy and immunotherapy.
  • Chemotherapy, hormonal and immunotherapy of urological cancers and melanoma.
  • The development of new chemotherapeutic drugs and treatments with immunological and hormonal agents.