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About us

One of the leading children’s hospitals in the UK

The Royal London Hospital
The Royal London Hospital

Barts and The London Children’s Hospital is based at the renowned Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel.

Warm welcome
We know it’s the most worrying time for parents when a child is coming into hospital. We want you to know that we’re here for you and your child and that we will try to give you all the support you need.

Dedicated to young people
Over the course of a year, Barts and The London Children’s Hospital treats or operates on more than 40,000 young patients, including some of the most seriously ill and injured children in London.

Leading specialists
The high concentration of complex cases we see means that we have some of Britain’s leading specialists on our team. Their expertise benefits all of our patients, including those coming in for more routine procedures. Our teaching hospital status means that we have a higher proportion of doctors and nurses to patients than non-teaching hospitals.

Seamless service with our healthcare partners
We know that your child’s care doesn’t begin and end when they come to our hospital and when they leave. As a result, Barts and The London Children’s Hospital is part of a close-knit community of paediatricians, GPs and other healthcare professionals stretching across east London to other parts of London, Essex and beyond. Wherever you live, our collective aim is to ensure that your child receives the care that is right for them.

Advanced technology
We provide some of the most advanced technology available, from drug treatments to advanced imaging. For example, as part of our imaging services we have one of only two 64-slice CT scanners used in the NHS. The scanner can produce detailed three dimensional pictures of any body part, including the bones, blood vessels, heart, head and neck, enabling our specialists to diagnose conditions more effectively.

International reputation for excellence in research
Working closely with our colleagues at our school of medicine and dentistry, our specialists are involved in a range of paediatric research initiatives, helping to identify new treatments for children and improvements in patient care.

The close interface between research and clinical activity across the whole of paediatrics ensures that we remain at the forefront of research both nationally and internationally.