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Research and academia

Barts and The London Cancer Centre is at the forefront of cancer research and we are continually pushing the boundaries to develop new and successful treatments.

Many of our team of specialists also work as scientists to research and investigate innovative treatments and technologies. We are leaders in our field based on our close working partnerships and collaborations with The Institute of Cancer and Cancer Research UK Clinical Centre at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry. Here, doctors and staff have a comprehensive knowledge of cancer management in adults and children and the centre is responsible for contributing towards improvements in the clinical management and treatment of most types of cancer.

Our research teams specialise in ‘translational oncology,’ that aims to make the research undertaken in the laboratory translate into clinical trials and the development of novel treatments for patients.

Speeding the introduction of new cancer drugs and treatments

Our strong combination of scientific and clinical excellence has been recognised by the Department of Health and national charity, Cancer Research UK, with the award of £2 million to establish an Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre.  This will speed up the introduction of new cancer drugs and treatments and keep us at the forefront of international efforts to develop new treatments for all types of cancer.

The centre, one of a network around the UK, aims to build on our world-renowned expertise in clinical care and basic research. The pioneering centre, based at Barts, investigates how the latest scientific discoveries and cancer treatments work when tested on patients. Working in partnership with Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, the investment means treatments will be developed for use in the NHS as quickly as possible and that our patients will be some of the first to benefit from new therapies.

Examples of research work undertaken by our clinicians:

Blood and lymph gland cancer
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Breast cancer
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Cancer Immunotherapy Group – led by Professor John Gribben
Aims to develop immunotherapy approaches for the treatment of cancer, including stem cell transplantation; and to identify tumour antigens (substances that trigger the immune system to fight cancer) with particular emphasis on B cell lymphoid malignancies.

Gynaecological cancer
We participate in national and international chemotherapy trials such as intraperiteonal chemotherapy in ovarian cancer. 

In collaboration with colleagues in the Institute of Cancer at Barts and the London, Queen Mary School of Medicine and Dentistry, we are developing novel treatments for ovarian cancer, including new antibodies and gene therapy.  Our patients involved in our clinical trials are treated in our specialised research unit at our dedicated Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre.  CHECK THAT THIS IS HAPPENING NOW – AS ECMC NOT YET OFFICIALLY OPENED

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Head and neck cancer
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Lung cancer and mesothelioma
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Skin cancer and melanoma
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Urological cancer
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