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Our performance against national targets for 2006/07:

What we promised for 2006/07

What we achieved

Current progress

All patients will be seen within two weeks of an urgent GP referral for suspected cancer to first outpatient appointment.


We have consistently achieved this target since its introduction in 2004/05.

Suspected cancer patients will be treated within one month from diagnosis.

In March 2007, we achieved the target – for the whole of 2006/07, we had a 99.8% success rate.

Performance in this area improved by almost 4% in 2006.

Suspected cancer patients will be treated within two months from urgent referral.

For the whole of 2006/07, we treated 92.5% of patients within the target time.

Our performance against this target has improved by 12% since 2005/06, and by April 2007, 95.8% of patients were seen within the target time.

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Patient satisfaction

2006 survey among breast cancer patients

In a 2006 survey of patients who had undergone a mastectomy and/or breast reconstruction surgery, 91% said the information and support given to them by a breast care nurse to help them make a decision about their reconstructive surgery was either very helpful or helpful.

2006 privacy and dignity audit among cancer inpatients

  • A high number of patients indicated that they found the efficiency, courtesy, caring attitude, response to call system and the time their nurses spent at their bedside to be very good.
  • The majority of patients rated the doctors’ care to be very good
  • Most of the patients indicated that they felt the nurses and doctors protected their privacy and dignity.    


  • Dr Samir Agrawal has developed a new technique to provide a faster and more accurate diagnosis for leukaemia, and this has won the Department of Health’s national Health and Social Care Awards in 2007
  • Rahere ward won Student Placement of the Year award in 2006.
  • In 2005, we won the north east London modernisation award for breast services.
  • Mr Rob Carpenter, breast surgeon, won NHS champion doctor of London award in 2004.